1968 in Review

1968 was a crazy, yet defining year for our country and society. It's been called the year the dream died - from the Tet offensive to the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy to the first men to orbit the moon. It was a year to remember, and a year to forget.
Too often, we're left to wonder what if...

Top Tunes - Hey Jude• Young Girl • People Got To Be Free • Mrs. Robinson • Love Is Blue • Beautiful Morning • Those Were The Days • MacArthur Park • This Guy's In Love With You • Simon Says • Honey • Cry Like A Baby • Born To Be Wild • Love Child • Tighten Up • Stoned Soul Picnic • Green Tambourine • Judy In Disguise (With Glasses) • Lady Willpower • Harper Valley P.T.A. • Lady Madonna • Hello, I Love You

At the movies - Oliver • 2001: A Space Odyssey • Planet Of The Apes • Night Of The Living Dead • Once Upon A Time In The West • Bullit • The Producers • Funny Girl • Rosemary's Baby • The Lion In Winter

On TV - Lucy Show • Andy Griffith • Gomer Pyle • Gunsmoke • Family Affair • Bonanza • Red Skelton • Dean Martin • Jackie Gleason • Saturday Night Movies • Bewitched • Beverly Hillbillies • Ed Sullivan • The Virginian • Green Acres

News and events - North Korea siezes Pueblo and crew • Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated • Jackie Kennedy weds Aristotle Onassis • Robert Kennedy assassinated • Soviet tanks invade Prague • Viet Cong begin Tet offensive in Saigon • Jane Mansfield dies • Civil Rights Act of 1968 passed • Pope Paul VI bans use of the pill • first men orbit the moon

Other stuff - Platform shoes • long hair • marijuana • hippies • pearly nail polish • Ford Mustang • bell bottom jeans and tie dye shirts • 1968 Arrivals: Lisa Marie Presley, Toni Braxton, Cuba Gooding Jr., Daniel Craig, Ashley Judd, and Hugh Jackman