A Bit of Nostalgia

  • Weatherwax History

    The Weatherwax Building was built in 1909. Just after midnight on January 5, 2002, the Weatherwax Building was destroyed in a fire.The Weatherwax building housed the school library, counseling office, and many classrooms. Students were spread out over the remaining campus until the new school was built. Yearbooks dating back to 1910 were lost. The new school was finished in 2007 with a grand opening on August 27.

  • Alma Mater

    Here we have Aberdeen

    Singing her way to fame

    Blue and Gold in the sunset glows

    Romance lies in her name

    We will go singing,

    Singing to you

    All our life through

    And proudly too,

    We will go singing

    Singing to you . . .

    Alma Mater, our Aberdeen

  • Notable Alums

General Information

Classof1968.info is a service to class members. Feel free to send photos of events or even photos from high school days. Please keep us updated with physical and e-mail address changes.

Over 400 of us graduated from Weatherwax High School in June of 1968. Robert Kennedy had just been assassinated, the war in Viet Nam was heating up, Sergeant Pepper had been released and the White Album would be out in a few months, and the hippie movement was well underway. Some have been lost in the years since, but they've been remembered and honored at each reunion. Now that we've all turned the page past 60, the consensus is that we keep in touch more regularly.